Style Design Group is a collaboration of the LA area’s award winning interior designers.  With our combined experience of over 45 years in interior design has brought us together to develop a firm that would do things differently than the norm.  Our desire is to provide our clients with the best interior designs.  We also know it’s important to educate them about color trends, unique architectural elements, new technology, green products, and energy saving ideas that enhance and bridge the gap between design and function.  Our job as designers is to think outside the box and for the client to expect the unexpected.  Style Design Group’s primary goal is to create a space that really speaks to our clients. __________________________________________________________________________________
Cathy Frick, President
For over 30 years Cathy has been working with builders and has won numerous awards and accolades in design. Cathy began her career working for Van Metre Homes in Washington DC. “I have a passion for this industry and I love designing model homes,” After moving to Southern California in 1993 Cathy began working as a senior designer with Twos Company Interiors and shortly thereafter became Vice President of the firm. When Two’ Company closed its doors in 2007 Cathy, Anna and Cindy formed Style Design Group, they continue to provide builders and residential clients beautiful interiors and unmatched customer service. Cathy has been married for 36 years and has 3 children and 5 grandchildren whom she calls her inspiration.

Anna Bloom, Vice President
Anna Bloom began her career in design 15 years ago as a design assistant with Two’s Company she quickly fell in love with model home design and never looked back. During her career as a senior designer at Two’s Company she won various awards for interior merchandising as well as being published in a children’s bedroom book. Joining Cathy and Cindy to form Style Design Group was the next move in her design career and she continues to strive to be better and provide beautiful interiors. Her passion is design and her spirit is her family and travel.

Cindy Mungcal, CFO
Cindy Mungcal is an experienced accountant who has worked in various companies in diverse fields of investment, financing, manufacturing, healthcare, non–profits and professional services including engineering and interior design.  She worked for Two’s Company Interiors as the Financial Manager for 8 years.  She co-founded Style Design Group, Inc. together with Cathy Frick and Anna Bloom. As the CFO of Style Design Group, sheis driven and passionate about the business.  When the right side of her brain works, she loves to create flower designs, crafting, painting, home decorating and gardening.
Renee DeFilippo, Designer
Renee’s love for Design began at an early age when she found herself often rearranging furniture, organizing, and accessorizing instead of playing with Barbie. She found herself inspired by the world of design and the beauty of transforming homes. Realizing early on that a career in Design would be how she would make her mark in this world. She studied both Residential and Set Decoration, completing both programs at the top of her class. After a few years working in High-End Residential she was recommended to Style Design Group and has since fallen in love with Model Homes. Renee brings a fresh look, knack for design trends, keen eye for style, and an infectious positive attitude to her career. Her designs are well balanced while never losing touch of the clients’ individual style and personality.
Suzanne McConville, Designer
Suzanne has been designing for over 23 years. After graduating from Cal State Los Angeles she started a career in Model Homes, then went onto residential, commercial design and came back full circle to her love of Model Homes. Sue literally dreams of designing and the masterpieces she can create. From designing, painting, carpentry, and baking she can do it all and does it with creativity and passion.
Katheleen Kelly-Sainte Marie, Designer

Kathleen has always admired good design and loves to follow trends in fashion and interior décor.  She came to the US from Canada and decided on a career in Interior Design.  After finishing her path of study in Interior Design, she interned at Two’s Company and was offered a position there and went on to work with the company for 5 years.  It was a great fit for her and she enjoyed her work on model home interiors.  Kathleen took some time to raise her child and kept up on her design trends by freelancing in high-end residential interior design during her spare time.  When she heard from Style Design Group, she took the chance to come back to work on model interiors.  Kathleen loves design and enjoys creating interiors from a blank slate and seeing her vision come to life.  In addition to design, Kathleen loves hiking, tennis, cooking, dogs, spending time with her son and husband and visiting her family in Canada.

Judy Salinas, CAD Designer
It was in Judy’s early 20’s that she realized a passion for designing could be turned into a career. She attended Brook’s Collage and majored in Interior Design. While in design school she learned various techniques of designing, mastered her Auto CAD skills and graduated top of her class. Right out of school she was hired into one of the top Model Home Design firms and for the next 8 years she worked her way to a Senior Designer level. Judy currently works as Style Design Groups Auto CAD designer. Her Designer background gives her an advantage in understanding and preparing our Auto CAD presentations and designer specifications.
Rian Bangasser, Junior Designer

Rian has always enjoyed design, color, and building as a child. She studied Visual Communications at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise and continued her studies at the University of Woodbury graduating with a BA in Fine Arts in Interior Architecture. Her drive for design led her to a career with a design group for three years where she gained experience in architecture, space planning, Auto CAD, and other computer programming. She is now currently working as a Junior Designer & Auto CAD designer at Style Design Group and is so excited for new opportunities to learn and grow more about interior design.

Renée Myara Cibelli, Designer

Renée has a love and passion for all things creative. With a BFA from Cal Arts in Voice Performance, she has been singing, writing and working professionally as a musician for many years. In addition to her work as a professional organizer, Renée has also been nurturing her passion for design and is one of the newest designers in the Style Design Group family. Any spare time is spent with her beautiful family.

Andreas Adams, Warehouse Manager

Andreas was born in Germany and has always been fascinated by inventions and designs, he is a creative thinker who sees obstacles as puzzles and enjoys solving them.   His passion is traveling with his wife, Traci and son, Maverick.

Andrew Frick, Photographer

Andrew is Style Design Group’s professional photographer and assists regularly on installs. He has been working behind the camera professionally for more than 5 years, creating beautiful wedding photos, corporate videos, and independent films. When photographing real estate, Andrew favors a natural approach and prefers using natural light and an advanced editing process that creates photos that are authentic and beautiful.