“Bleary-eyed after touring dozens of model homes in Bakersfield one day, we came upon a model home complex that really stood out from the pack. 
The homes were merchandised by Style Design Group. So, I immediately called at 4:00 PM on a Friday afternoon, and got a real person on the phone who tracked down Cathy at an install!  We reconnected with their team, and have been thrilled ever since.
Their work is simply amazing, but most importantly— they listen and care about the end result. 
Five stars!”

Debra L. Bernard
The Bernard Partnership
“Our models are the final outcome of the beautiful creative designs envisioned by this amazing team.  Style Design Group sets the atmosphere in which our homes and products can be showcased in way that makes potential homeowners fully understand the beauty in which they can ultimately reside in.  They not only focus on the common living spaces by the bedrooms and bathrooms are reflective of calming spaces or designs that children can flourish in.  Style Design Group is a critical part of any new model complex and the success of our sales efforts are based upon how the home is intricately pulled together with the latest design features.  We have never felt that we were a client to Style Design Grop, but rather a valuable family member.”
Darlene Mohlke
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Castle & Cooke CA Inc.
We love working with Style Design Group. They are experienced and talented and we especially appreciate how they listen, plan and execute. They are so responsive and positive! And they are people who are a delight to be around – you can tell they love what they do. All that passion shows in the work – our model homes are beautiful. We highly recommend Style Design.
Susan Wilke with Lennar